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Nov. 9th, 2013 11:10 pm
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This code's base was [community profile] cawaii's Ace Attorney code and then heavily modified through my own experimentation.

Coding and Preview )
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For character sheets, profiles, and what not.


Battle Ability:
Sex Appeal:

» Percents are up to 100%. So essentially if you want to give 3/10, put in 30%
» For any scores that are 10/10 (100%), take the area that says "8px 0px 0px 8px" near the end of the bar code and delete everything but one "8px". I think this goes for any of you decimal crazy people that want to do something at or above 9.8/10 (98%) too.
» Fill Colors are Hexcode. If you need help picking one out, this is a good site.
» Code will NOT work in comments, only in entries. Sorry!
» Feel free to edit and no need for credit. The bar is an extremely modified version of one of [community profile] cawaii's codes, and the rest I designed. But go check [community profile] cawaii out, she's got awesome stuff.
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Hi everyone.

So there's been a lot of talk through several channels at overall unhappiness at the current method of AC system. And they are to the point I figured I should probably speak up about it as a slightly more neutral party. The moderators prefer that we keep this to public channels instead of things like Plurk, but with How's the Game being another two months away (and honestly, last How's the Game there was a lack of response to our criticisms of the newest rule changes)- I feel the safest option is to ask for a petition which will be shown to the mods at a later date through the proper channels.

To explain the problem simply is this: since the start of Paradisa the AC rule has been 2 posts a month. You could do this with logs, joint posts, private posts or in worst case scenario- offer up a number of threads that showed you are still playing in the game.

Now this system worked great...when the game was larger and much faster paced. But over the past couple years the game has slowed and the character base has become smaller. This means there's a lot less to post about for many characters, and so it's harder for many characters to pass AC (even by threads because if there's less posts- there's less ways to make threads!). As some may have noticed, more and more people have been appearing on the Activity Check post this past year than ever before.

To make it even worse, the mods recently made it even harder for us to pass AC by removing Private Posts and reducing the worth of participation in logs. Muns, despite asking for a vote on this, were given no voice in this decision.

This petition is not asking for an overthrow of the mods or to stir up wank or anything like that- but to have either a discussion or change in the AC policy to accommodate the current pace of the game- not make it harder. That way us as RPers can possibly worry less about making AC and more about enjoying the game.

Some possible ideas for the mods to consider is as followed (and others are free to add):

► Bring back Private Posts and make Participation in Logs still count for one post.
► Cut the Post Requirement in Half to One Public Post with comments responded, or one post and some threads.
► Require people to post their own activity for the month to the AC instead of only people without two posts.
► Make a clearer thread count requirement.

If you wish to sign this petition, please comment below with your mun name and characters play. Former players are allowed to sign if you feel AC affected your time in Paradisa or you considerations for rejoining the game. If you have any additional remarks or statements, please feel free to state them. Any wank, flaming, or offensive remarks will not be tolerated. This is a place for civil input, not rage.

Thank you.
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Using this entry to post all my TOS icons as I make them from the newest OVA. Because you know that sounds cooler than homework. This post will update intermittently as I work on icons.


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